7 Years Later and Ready to Talk About it

This is probably the most personal post I’ve ever written yet, but I wanted to be more vulnerable and opened this year (and also to get this off my chest), so here goes nothing.

This month marks the 7th year since the passing of my grandpa. It amazes me how fast time seems to past when you miss someone. 7 long years – long, because that’s a really long time to have last seen him. But at the same time, 7 short years – short, because it still feels like yesterday. Will it ever not feel like just yesterday?


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Common Causes of Cancer

The development of a malignant cancer (a cancer that has spread to other parts of the body) is a really complicated and long process, often not due to a single cause (although, there are some cancers that are linked to a single cause).

Factors that cause cancers are called “carcinogens”, and they can increase the risk of a cancer developing. Most of these factors play a role in damaging DNA, which is a crucial first step to cancer development. Things that permanently damage DNA (causing “mutations”) are initiating agents – they cause the initial event to cancer development.


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The 2018 Recap

Happy New Year! 2018 just flew by and I cannot believe it’s already 2019. The years seem to go by faster as I get older, which is a stark reminder that I need to slow down before more years flash by. I find that the more I look forward to things, the faster they come and go. And 2018 was a year of just full of those “I-can’t-wait” events.

For one, the first half of the year’s time was spent on planning and preparing for our wedding. Continue reading

Origin – by Dan Brown


This is the 7th book I’ve read of the Robert Langdon series and in each story, I felt like I was reading my precisely own thoughts that I could never put into words. Robert’s thinking on religion and science, life and morals are so accurate with mine. And this book hit the spot with all the right questions: the origin of life.

Where do we come from, and where are we going?

No spoilers here, but I wanted to highlight this excerpt for myself: Continue reading

Fundamentals of Cancer Development

In recent years, there has been a lot of good progress in health sciences and many support and awareness raised for different conditions. There is an abundance of information out there that are easily accessible. But on the other hand, I frequently come across many misleading articles on the web that makes exaggerated claims, and can be easily misinterpreted if you’re not well informed. I wanted to provide some background knowledge on common subject areas that are most likely to have an impact on everyone. This is an hopes that it will help you grasp the facts, clarify some confusion, and help you better judge what may be true or false.

I wanted to start with cancer. Continue reading

I’m a Big Crybaby

For as long as I remember, I’ve always been a huge crybaby. As a kid, I used to cry watching Disney movies. There was always that one scene! From particularly tear-jerking scenes, such as when Dumbo snout-hugged his mom outside her prison carriage, to Little Foot telling his mom to get up when she was dying after an earthquake.

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Taking Control of Your Mind


This year, I want to put extra focus on growing inwards and on a deeper level. I’ve been wondering how to become the best version of myself. I think throughout my life, as I experience things and absorb the world, I’ve met many versions of “me”. Some that I’m more proud of than others. But I want to know how to reach the best possible version ever, and what she is like.

I’ve slowly come to discover that the person I want to be doesn’t exist yet. And she will never exist until I actually make it happen and become “her”. The beauty in it all is that it’s entirely up to me, here and now, to choose my attributes.

So how do we become the change? Yes, it all starts with our mind. Continue reading

Japan 2016

I went to Japan for two weeks with my family over a month ago, and it was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been on. Japan is such an orderly, secure and clean country. People are incredibly respectful, and they go above and beyond to offer you help. I’ve tasted the freshest sashimi and the most tender beef (also the most expensive). I’ve conquered their intimidating transportation system and traveled on their bullet train. I even tried their toilet seat sprays ;)

The Japanese has a strong spirit and is an inspiring example of the people doing their share for their country. Everyone is united in the respect they have for their land and their work tasks.

For the first time, I actually got a culture shock when I came back home to Canada. I thank Japan for their hospitality towards tourists.

Here is a brief video of our trip!

Birthday Reflection

Happy Birthday wishes images and pictures
Today is my birthday. I’ve never written a birthday post before, but I have been thinking a lot about birthdays lately. I’m 27 years old, which isn’t old, but I guess I’ve reach that age where people aren’t so keen on becoming any older than they are. 30 is a big deal, and for me, it’s just around the corner. But there’s a lot of stigma around the big 3-0. For some reason, nobody want’s to be 30 (or 40, or 50…)! Continue reading