Gulliver’s Travels
The most BORING book I’ve ever had to complete… boo…fairy tales. Yuck.

But.. Still some really depressing ideas..and here are a few that caugh my attention:

-Society punish the bad, but never reward the good.
-Employment is based on skills, not on ones moral: Productivity > Integrity
-Look closely enough at someone and you’ll find that people are flawed.
-It’s hard to be the nice guy when you’re powerless.
-Old people are too idolized. They are not as wise as people think.
-People eventually out-live their usefulness.
-History is a disconnection from the past. It is always written by the winners.
-Humans are gullible, and those who are payed to write “history” are willing to betray the truth for money.
-The more ridiculous the reasons, the bloodier the wars.

The word “yahoo” was invented by the author, Jonathan Swift, which is described to be a disgusting, useless and worthless humanlike creature. Heeeee.  How funny that one of the biggest internet browser named itself “yahoo”.


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