by Kurt Vonnegut

Wow! Simply….Wow!!!
Everyone in the world should read this book!

“There is one very strong medicine I could prescribe, but I leave it up to you whether or not you want to try it. You should be fully aware of its side effects.” He said he had friends who could arrange to get me from Bangkok to Sweden, if I wanted to seek political asylum there.

“But I can’t speak Swedish,” I said.
“You’ll learn,” he said, “You’ll learn, you’ll learn.”

Soldiers in particular are quick to adapt. Give them guns and grenades with a plane to fly and they can change instantly to a carefree killer. The effects of this change is hard, the memories are devastating. But we can also change to not  be soldiers. We can adapt to be better people. We will learn if we try. We can change ourselves in the same lifetime. It may be hard and frustrating to get along and to be patient, but in the end, we can take on this medicine and learn this hard lesson.