I’m sure you’ve heard somewhere on the news awhile back that a group of atheists launched an anti-Christ Bus that has been touring around.

Reactions from Christians referred to this as “inappropriate”, “insulting”, “ignorant”.. etc. Yes, in other words, offended.

Personally, I’m totally indifferent to this new campaign. If Christians spent many decades as missionaries sharing their beliefs and forming many outreaching events, I don’t see why people with opposing views cannot share their own faith in life publicly.

What I am very disappointed in is the way in which Christians responded. Their “awesome” come-back to this whole thing is to attack these atheists with the same exact method.The same bus, the same fonts, the same colour???

“There definitely is a God. So join the Christian party and enjoy your life”?!
Not very convincing… That should never be the way in how we reach out. It says nothing about God.

So what are we now? Mocking people?

It’s ironic and immature and very un-Christ-like. It lacks love and basic understanding of the whole situation. How can we be so unaccepting if we are “supposed” to be the “models” of the world? So very well, we’ve made it clear that it is only right for us to advertise our beauty in life, and wrong for non-believers to do so. I really thought that we could have handled this in a more calmly fashion, but we’ve made it a face-off. It almost seems to me like a kind of vengeance, which kind of proves that we share the same stupiditiy and pride.



4 thoughts on “

  1. it’s campaign
    there’s no “e”
    And yes, the comeback is stupid…..couldn’t they thought of a better comeback? Join the Christian party!?!!?? OK yeh….like an atheist would understand what that means. They would have better off if they left it like this:
    There definitely is a GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.
    Secondly, i don’t know why Christians are so offended. It isn’t even an attack directed to us. If you read the ad properly
    1. There’s probably no god  <–probably, they’re not saying for sure there’s no god
    2. Iit’s an attack on all religions with God….why are we so offended? I don’t see Muslims or Jews or any other religious groups making a big deal out of it. Hey i could make a whole blog out of this. Maybe I’ll it as a note :D

  2. 2 things:Firstly, campaign does not take an E. Secondly, the Atheist bus ads were a counter to another religious ad campaign from a few months back that just had bible quotes and then in smaller letters “Go to jesussays.org today to be saved”. So the new religious ads are a reaction to a reaction to religious ads.

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