PHY-NYB  Electricity and Magnetism         

Grade 0
Rem Failure
Class av. 75

WTF? I’m never going to get into Univeristy =(



Something about the system that just doesn’t quite work..

I walked into the exam room with my cell phone in my pocket last Friday. It had slipped my mind that I still had it with me. When I sat down at my spot, I suddenly realized it. Students were still slowly entering the room and it was loud. I had a short dilemma. I could silently slip my phone into my pencil case under my chair and nobody would find out… or I could bring it up to the teachers and confess. I decided to turn it over, thinking that they’d understand and kindly keep it for me during the exam period. For that split second before confronting a teacher, I was proud of my honesty.

But it had all backfired when the many supervisors believed that I deserved a zero right off the bat. What the heck…. Seeing as how the exam was about to start and that they couldn’t come to a unified conclusion, I was told to write the exam and go see the Dean afterward. They took my phone. During the exam, I was scared and nervous. I could barely concentrate. Every time I see a teacher walking down my aisle, I was afraid that they’d take my papers away. When the three hours were up, I waited an hour for the dean to be available. If it weren’t for my University requirements, they probably would have failed me. But now, they are going to lower my final grade to at least a pass.

Why do they make me feel like that I regret doing what I knew was right? Why am I being punished for keeping my integrity at my own will? One thing for sure, if this had taught me anything, it is not to be true and honest, but to attempt hiding my phone somewhere at all cost the next time I find myself in this situation. And after this incident, my best advice to any friend would be to keep the phone and to never give it in.

I had, and would have strongly believed otherwise if the school had chosen right decisions over the rules.


This was so geeky, I had to take it.

Your result for The Which Cell Organelle are you? Test …

The Chloroplast

You scored 50 Industriousness, 48 Centrality, and 27 Causticity!

You’re the Chloroplast! Most of the Earth’s energy comes from the chloroplast’s ability to capture the energy of the sun and fix cabon dioxide for conversion to starch. Like the mitochondria, they have their own DNA and live somewhat independantly from the rest of the cell. In terms of real life, you have it all! You’re the person everyone wants or wants to be. Just watch out for being overconfident, as you may end up alone.

I totally disagree!

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