My Sister’s Keeper
Jodi Picoult

“I didn’t come to see Kate because it would make me feel better. I came because without Kate, it’s hard to remember who I am.” … “I wouldn’t even be alive, if it wasn’t for Kate being sick.”

What a beautiful, beautiful story.
The ending caught me by surprise.
The message was brought out so brilliantly.

Great metaphors, although, sometimes it seems like she’s trying too hard.
But I loved it. I want to see the movie.

I sound like an English teacher…


First time being a witness.

I was working at Zellers, like any other day, when suddenly two employees (one older, one my age) rushed in to the restaurant and asked for a cold glass of water. I offered it to them and realized that there was something wrong with the younger girl, Cornelia. She looked terrified and white. She was crying. I didn’t think much of it, but it caught my attention. A couple of minutes later, the store managers (my big big bosses) came in with a trained medical emergencry man. Corneilia started shaking and became all stiff. It seemed as though she was in pain. We were told to get all the tables out of the way. I still had no idea what was going on. The man layed her down starting pumping her chest (like CPR), but she was awake. Then they started dialing 911 for an ambulance. it turned out she was having some sort of cardiac arrest. I was dumbfounded and shocked. I was worried and scared for her. Is she going to be alright? Is she going to die?

The cops arrived first and they had no idea what to do. They kept calling for an ambulance over their speakers. In the mist of all this, it felt like the ambulance took forever to come. But when they did, I kept thinking to myself, “hurry! make her feel better”. That’s when I noticed this logo on their uniforms:


It reminded me of the story in the Bible that I heard at camp. God said that whoever looked upon the serpent on the pole, shall live. That was all I could think of and I kept staring at the sign. For some reason, right then, I knew that she was going to be fine, she was going to recover and live. I think that if I was in her situation and I saw the serpent on the pole, I would just close my eyes and rest assure that I would be safe. At least that’s how I felt for her. I hope she’s okay right now.


When you call your true friends up at 2:00AM
The first thing they will say is
“Where are you now?” and “What do you need?”

So what will I do without you?

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