The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown

I love Robert Langdon. This book was very….. DEEP. Deep in every way possible.

Laus Deo,” Landon whispered. The well-known Latin phrase — meaning “praise God” — was inscribed on the tip of the Washington Monument in script letters only one inch tall. On full display…and yet invisible to all.

Landgon watched in wonder as the light transformed into a beacon that hovered above the shadowed city. He pictured the tiny engraving on the east-facing side of the aluminum tip and realized to his amazement that the first ray of sunlight to hit the nation’s capital, every single day, did so by illuminating two words:

Laus Deo

PS: This is a fact.
PPS: I think I just gave the entire book away.


I need to do something worthwhile.

Sitting at my desk all day long, it feels like time is just slipping away. As exam periods slowly (but dang…surely!!) approaches an end, I got excited and started to think about how productive I would make this holiday. Then I got carried away and though about the summer time… and far ahead into the future. How would I want to spend my life? The following is all the things I would want to accomplish before I die.

Swim with the dolphins.

I want to get to know and understand an animal. It’s so beautiful seeing how we can trust them and how they can trust us. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I saw it once when I was a kid on TV and immediately, I was determined to live this adventure.

Pet a Grey Wolf

A bit dangerous, but this animal is so lovely, majestic and loyal…I love the howl. I kind of want one as a pet (not directly from the wild of course…) But if possible…somehow, I would like to at least observe them from a distance in the wild. I love these guys!

Meet my online friend.

I have several that I would like to meet. They’re all over the place. But the one I have in mind is in California. It’s kind of weird sounding, but we’ve shared secrets, we’ve shared laughter. She feels like a real friend and I have a feeling that we will get along. I just couldn’t live my entire life seeing her through a screen. She has become much more than just an “online” friend.

Stand on top of a mountain.

Perhaps something more exciting than Mount Royal. I want to feel like I’m above the world. I want to look far, far ahead. I want to see the valleys and the streams and the birds flying at eye level. This is so Disney feel…

Adopt/Sponsor a child.

I think this will be the greatest challenge, but I feel like it’s my duty. I will definitely sponsor a child when I get a stable/long term income and I want to follow through with it. I will try to meet him/her in person.

Adopt a dog.

How could I ever forget this one? Dogs make my day. I’m not sure if I want several or just one…whether it’s big or small. But I love golden retrievers. They are gorgeous and friendly and will save me if my house is on fire.

Write a song.

There are so many reasons why I want to write a song. It’s something personal I want to accomplish. I want to express myself, I want to exercise my musical knowledge. I have trouble putting down in words how I feel most of the time. There’s so much I want to say to the world, to my family, to God. I don’t know a more effective, yet subtle, way in doing so.


I know, I’m going to die a horrible, horrible death. The parachute will not open, or the wind will tear it up, or I will break my spine when it comes out. But I gotta say…. perhaps it will be worth the scare….. Anyways, this is still debatable..I still need more persuasion.

Become a part-time vegetarian.

I have to be honest with myself: I love meat. All kinds of meat, no matter how it’s cooked. I will never become a full vegetarian. But sometimes when I think about how this lovely duck on my plate was once alive, filled with life and a soul, it gets to me. But I eat it and enjoy it anyway. I just hope my future job will not involve animal testing.

Witness Aurora’s Northern Lights

This is a crazy sight. We don’t need to admire the stars so far away when we have our atmosphere reacting right above the skies of the poles. But yes, stars are nice too.

Donate blood

I don’t know when I’ll ever gather enough courage to do this. But what a disgrace I will be if I can’t overcome this fear at least once to save a life.

Travel, travel, travel.

Enough said? Yes =)