Last night, my father’s partner invited me to his house for a “Chinese New Years” party. Amongst the guests where 30, or so, doctors. I had the privilege to meet 5 of them. One is a bone surgeon, one is a endocrine physician, a children’s doctor, a heart surgeon, and a Westmount family doctor. It was a bit of an intimidating experience. They were all so tall, so confident, so well off. When talking to some of them, I couldn’t begin to imagine the depth of knowledge they have. I felt so little; like I was taking my first step.

 How does one get to where they are? To be able to live at the top of the mountain, and save lives as a living. Behind their fame, behind their suits and ties, are years and years of passion and perseverance; of endless nights of studying and researching. My road still seems so long, yet it may only be a couple of years away. I am already struggling. What if I can’t make it? I hope that one day, I can stand in the mist of doctors/pharmacists/researchers and know that I have excelled like them.



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