Michael Jackson — A humanitarian

Ever wondered what kind of person MJ was? I don’t know if I’m the last person to care and find out, but I never wanted to have anything to do with him. I couldn’t look at him and take him seriously. To me, he was a maniac, a sick person, a monster even. If you told me you liked Michael Jackson, my first response would have been “ew”. Tonight, I realized how wrong I was. He was much more than a King of Pop with plastic surgery.

I watched an entire interview of Micheal with Oprah. Youtube it! It’s worth the watch… at least for me. During those 90min, having never heard MJ talk before, I found out what a great heart he had for the world, especially for children, and how pure and sincere he was. The stage was his home, and he was lonely everywhere else. He was abused by his father in his childhood, and he never had a friend to play with.

He seeked his lost childhood in the children today. His own amusement park in his backyard was built for children in need, children with cancer. He visited many ill children around the globe and he did it out of his own heart. All in all, he cared. He turned his own sympathy into action. He constantly wore a band on his arm for all the suffering children in the world. And I never knew this side of him — his fabulous personality and integrity.


Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iwimKsLJTA


The world and the press claims that he bleached his skin white.  This has already been proven false, by MJ himself, by his personal physician and by the autospy of his body. He had Vitiligo. (A disease that destroys pigment in the skin). If you watch the interview, you can see the disappointment in his eyes. Disappointed at the world. “Don’t judge someone until you have spoken with them one on one. I don’t care what the story is, don’t judge anyone” were his words to us. Some interviewers were attacking him, challenging him… about rape issues and whatnot. And he just looked so hopeless. The media tore him to pieces for 15 years. The look in his eyes made me very sad and guilty.

Putting the plastic surgery aside, putting all medical drugs aside, and if you must, putting his “bleached skin” aside… can we look at him and know him for his compassion? For who he is inside? His face used to give me the chills. But now I look at him and think of what a wonderful and kind person he must have been. His smile is beautiful. I wish I knew sooner.

He says… he likes children, because they never lie. And they are the ones who will look at him, and not judge him. He says we should all be pure like children. We should look at the world through the eyes of children. This is what he learned from Jesus. He admires this innocence. And I admire how much he has given back to them.

“We are the world. We are the children”.
If there is one person who really stands by these lyrics, it is Michael Jackson. Actually, a lot of his songs are dedicated to the children. It breaks my heart to know that many people, including myself, did not see him for all that he had done. He was an angel.



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