Ken Follett

World Without End
Sequel to The Pillars of the Earth

Ken Follett, you just might be my favourite author. What a beast…
I am simply amazed at the way the characters were crafted.


“On behalf of mankind, we’re sorry.”

“There are very few individuals who have been allowed to have that kind of fame.
Oh, what a cost though…. At what cost…”


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
-Albert Einstein

I love you, MJ. What a beautiful soul. May you rest in peace.
If you’re going to read 10 000 pages, might as well go 10 000 miles

You really do learn a lot when you travel. It expands your vision so personally. I saw things I’d never see, and felt things I’d never feel, if it’d hadn’t been right before my eyes and just below my feet. China has excelled so quickly, and maybe a bit too quickly. Shanghai always had a special place in my heart, and above all places in Asia, that is where I longed to visit. The buildings are gorgeous and the lighting is perfect. It felt surreal. The expo 2010 was my pride, as I am sure is all Chinese people around the world. And you start to ask yourself how China came so far.
But what you see on posters and on TV, will never level up to what you can see with your own eyes. The day at the Expo was, out of all the days I’ve spent in Asia, the worst and the most disappointing. 90% of all visitors were local. People from China. The different expeditions were tall and beautiful in it’s standing, but underneath it all, were crowds and crowds of a rude and no-mannered population. There is no such thing as lining up. People shove you, they surpass you. They don’t use the garbage cans, they throw everything on the floor. It was a filthy place to be. It’s like being in a fancy restaurant with waiters who serve you in broken T-shirts and jeans. During performances, they talk so loudly, it’s embarrassing to the performers. At the end, they don’t clap, they just barge out, always pushing and running. It takes away everything. After visiting so many areas of China, you start to realize that they are everywhere!

In Beijing, walking the Great Wall of China was breathtaking! Both physically and mentally. This is one  China’s greatest creation! It was brilliant to me. Still, I see the local people spitting on it as they go. What??? Do they know what they’re spitting on? Do they have any respect for their ancestors, for their nationality, for their country? The second you step out of Hong Kong, it’s like a whole new species. No rules, no discipline. Now I know why Joey told me you had to separate Hong Kong and China. People are just so different.

China is industrializing much too fast for the people. They have no opportunities to see what the outside world is like, they have much to learn. When people are standing by the street, selling me fake food and toys, I wonder where they hid their integrity. But the only reasoning I can think of, is that they are desperate. Money is something they could never take for granted. The rich is too rich, and the poor is too poor. And the unbalance is too great. I know they just need time. With time, they will change.

Will I live there? No. Will I go back? Absolutely! I can’t wait to travel all corners of the Earth to see everything for myself.