My life is kind of boring

I wish I had a passion; a tangible dream to work for. Something that I can put forth above all else because of its meaning to me. A passion that I can’t wait to practice at in every given opportunity. To have an innate flame of motivation for. To demonstrate something that brings me pleasure, relief and comfort. To be able to escape from the lifeless days. To have something to be admired for; to rest my pride upon. Something that cannot be done generally by the public. That will set me aside from common similarities. To yield my entire life to, but yet is not a burden. To trade away my conveniences for. To give up my education for. To never feel insecure with. Something that cannot bring me regret. Something that will surpass the teachings of society.

Is one born with it… or do I need to develop it? If the latter, what can it possibly be for me?



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