Killing up the life in the birds and the trees.
And we’re sucking up the air in the earth from under me.
I can’t even breathe, I can’t even see.
Keep your head up, don’t give up today
How long can we wait? I wish that love would come today
All you need is love, I tell you I know it’s coming soon.
And all you need is just a moment, won’t it do?
Keep your head up.


Never work a day in your life?

We are always told to pursue a career that we love so that working is not only a job, but a passion.  However, very few people find that privilege to do so. We cannot always expect to find ourselves exactly where we belong. I suspect that for the majority of my life, where I work is not where I want to be, or not to the extent to where I want my life to go. And most of time, professionally speaking, it is too late to turn back. I love what I study now, and I am willing to spend my life finishing what I have started, but it is a mere interest. It will never be the source of  my joy. If I could start over again, I think I would devote my life to music and the arts. I don’t know how much talent I have in this field, but it makes me so comfortable with myself. And the sheer satisfaction that comes out of it is incomparable to anything else I have achieved.

I remember playing in a band at Vanier alongside the best high school musicians across Quebec. About 100 kids meeting for the first time, we spent 2 days, 20 hours of intense practicing to perfect 4-5 songs. The cooperation, the understanding and the unity was beautiful to see and hear. I wish I could be given another time to do something of that sort. But I’m well on my way in the direction I have chosen and I do not regret it. I can’t help but notice that many people are in the same situation. It is amazing how people in all professions have hidden talents that are completely unrelated to their work. Janitors who sing beautifully, waiters who can dance, engineers who can draw and paint. When I see these things, I just pray that they continue to cherish their talents that they so seldom show. I think it is important to recognize it in ourselves and acknowledge that this is what our lives are worth: the small things on the side that bring forth our delight. No matter what I end up doing and where my path will unfold, at the end of the day, I will continue to play music, to draw, to take pictures, to read, to talk and to play. Without it, I would feel that my life would be wasted away.