People come and go

People come and go: We have encountered this far too many times, even when our lives are still at its infancy. Sometimes its a sudden event, and others happen so dramatically that we barely notice it until it’s too far. For me, it is a hard concept to grasp and to fully accept. In one sense or another, life is dependent on relationships. Whether it be on a personal or physical level, we are all interdependent. And whether or not we realize it, we are each a force and an anchor to another. Without this relationship, we would merely be surviving. Building upon this logic, how is it that we fully lose touch with some people whom we’ve once made a strong connection? It’s a funny thing how simultaneously easy and hard it is to sustain a friendship and not to let it fade. Easy when times are convenient with fate at its best. Two people are at the same place at the same time, walking down a common path. It couldn’t have been easier. But when life takes a turn and one heads down an alternate road, this is when it becomes more difficult. People may say that with technology’s advanced communication systems, keeping in touch is no trouble. But it does require a consistent effort from both parties. If eventually someone stops trying, the friendship may not be lost, but it will drift apart… until it is pulled back together.

It’s interesting to see  friends whom have shared the same period in life, whom have shared laughter and tears, whom are in the same city, yet are no longer talking. However, it doesn’t make those moments or the friendship any less special. It doesn’t make it wrong and there isn’t someone to blame. All it means is that at one point, something caused the separation, and someone stops trying to pursue any further. To me, it’s more of a pity and I often go back to relive those moments. I’ve come to realize now that more often than not, people do abandon the attempt to keep the relationship steady. I’m not sure why that is for I too am a victim of it, but its made me more aware of the people around me who are struggling with this distance and who are battling to keep me close. It always takes two to make any relationship a possibility. It isn’t frequent to find many friends who are willing to put in the same extent of perseverance. But when you find someone who is, no matter where life takes the both of you, in my opinion it’s a treasure to keep and to fight for.



I think that if life separates us, and we end up in totally different places, we’ll always remember when our paths aligned for this period of time. And I’ll be thankful for that. And I hope that wherever you are, you’ll be thankful, too. And I think that’s the best we can wish for.

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