Live without pretending.
Love without depending.
Listen without defending.
Speak without offending.


Be a gentlemen and I will fall for you any day

I am a little obsessed over this whole gentlemen thing. Don’t fall for Barney Stinson and his Bro Code; what happened to the Austen days? Chivalry is almost dead and gone! Some things may not be necessary anymore, but other gestures of respect remain a must. This is not only towards your girlfriend, but to any girl, woman, mother, elderly, etc.

1. Always open the door.
This is so basic, yet kind and sweet.

2. Let her go ahead of you
On and off the bus, elevators, escalators, buildings, gaps, whatever! This one is subtle but powerful.

3. Be punctual.
Don’t keep a lady waiting.

4. Help her hold something.
Not saying her purse and stuff, but you know, shopping bags, extra stuff she’s carrying.

5. If she dropped something, help her pick it up.

6. If there are no seats, offer her your seat.

7. If she’s cold, offer her your jacket or sweater.

8. Walk on the outside of the street
Well this one is a bit picky, but it’s still nice…

9. Have good table etiquette.
This is a must… for everyone and everywhere at any moment… Don’t talk with your mouth full, cover your mouth if you must.

10. Pull out her chair when she sits.
This one’s classy :)

11. If you asked her out formally to anywhere, offer to pay.
If you’re financially unstable, then don’t go all high class for dinners. Even coffee will do.

12. Do not use swear words!

13. Be appropriately dressed and groomed.
In other words, good hygiene

14. Make statements of courtesy.
“May I help you”… “Let me get that for you”.. “I’ll take care of that”.

15. Walk with a straight posture.

16. Offer to drive or bring her home.
Or at least make sure she will get home safe! Don’t ditch.


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