Stop complaining!

I’m going to try and put to rest all my complaints and whining. I know I’ve said this time and time again, but I think I can do it. Because I’m sick of hearing other people’s complaints and passing the blame on anything. I mean, how many strikes are there currently? Especially the one at Mcgill, I don’t know why there can’t be a more composed way to communicate dissatisfaction. Anyways… let alone all that (quote, unquote — the adult world), I need only to scroll down the Facebook homepage and see so many useless, ungrateful complaints! I know it could be just a slip of mouth, or to get some attention, whatever… but aren’t there better things to announce?

I consider myself to complain a lot and even I find it annoying, but people these days! Yes, I know midterms suck, projects suck, papers suck, school sucks. Life is unfair, but chances are, you’re living the “fair” part of life already. Honestly this is one of the most vibrant times of our lives. We are closing in on our prime, if not already in it, so just seize the day. Everything works out in the end, try your best and relax. I can’t even wait for New Years to make this resolution. I’m just going to stop complaining. So from now on, not a word of negativity from me. If you catch me in it, remind me :)


Peace out and good night!



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