The Little Things In Life

I’m starting to appreciate more and more the small things of everyday. As a kid, it was all about the excitement of big adventures. Theme parks, slumber parties, trick or treating, Disney world. I would have trouble falling asleep from the sheer anticipation of it. Actually, I still do, hehe. As for dreams, kids tend to dream big. We wanted to be policemen, astronauts, teachers, doctors… all the big labels in society. That’s a great ambition and the world needs that. But as I grow, my dreams and lifestyle are getting more refined. For now, I’m discovering the lesser things.

Although I still love adventures and wild things, I would settle equally for 1 on 1 quality times with different people. One of my favourite things is just to talk. It can be over a cup of coffee, at a park, sitting up all night, under the stars or over fishing. I can be very silent in a group, but I love listening in on conversations. It feels very refreshing to spend time with someone with many hours ahead and talk about anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be intimate. Just catching up, things that have been going on lately or any upcoming plans. It’s amusing how one topic can flow into the next and sooner or later, we forget how we came about a subject. Talking and listening is the best way to connect to a person :) It doesn’t always have to take crazy intense memories to build a bond.

I foresee I will be stuck at home studying for the next few weeks and I miss the good warm days where I could take long, aimless walks. Following the streets of downtown under the sun, and then enjoying an ice cold drink. MMmmhhh!!! Or hiking up mountains and then enjoying the well-deserved view. These things are like food to my soul. As the winter days approaches, I can’t wait to savor a hot chocolate over a fireplace. I’m dreaming now, I have no fireplace.

I guess now, I look forward to Christmas holidays: have big parties, play video games and shop my heart out. But even in the busy times, don’t forget to appreciate the little things on the side of road. The lovely snow (where is the snow???), the Christmas lights, the happy music and the love! Passing out a few dollars here and there for the homeless, wrapping our smiles in with our presents, saying words we haven’t said in awhile. I can’t wait! Giving and receiving. Christmas time is all about the small things. After all, sometimes less is more :) 

For now, back to studying. Good luck on finals everybody! We’re all in the same boat.

– R.Kiu


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