Opinion Matters

I wish I could say that I don’t care what people think of me. When people assume the wrong things, believe false rumors, or misunderstand me, I often brush it off and say, “whatever, I don’t really care.” To the general public, it’s not a big deal, but when it comes to friends starting to make assumptions and change their view of me, I feel burdened. I try to live a life true to myself, which is simple — do the thing I value, and avoid the things I don’t. But since we live in an intercalated world, it’s about functioning as a group… living to please the people around us. Everyone lives with a certain commitment to their friends and family. It’s never “all about me”, and “having everything my way”.. it’s always about a group of people functioning around a common consensus. And that’s where the grey area of living independently or living to follow comes in. When one person falls out of line, all eyes and mouth start concluding away. It could be small things, but the smallest things turn heavy when you let it bother you all this time. People who truly don’t give a damn about other people’s opinion would never feel the need to explain themselves. I guess I’m not one of them, because the opinion of my friends and family matter to me. They matter so much that sometimes I’m living their envision of me rather than the vision I have for myself. It can be really encouraging and it builds me up, but it can become a false reputation also. I’m learning to break away from that… but I already feel a little pressured. Anyway, let me say this:

I know what I’m doing. You may not agree, but I know what I’m doing. Because when I’m smiling, it doesn’t mean I’m good. When I’m missing, doesn’t mean I’m astray. Just don’t take anyone at face value. Don’t assume and don’t judge. Be neutral to people’s lives when you don’t know their story. C’est tout! :)