Everyone knows the dental routine: brush twice a day and floss once a day. As I’m sure we all brush our teeth, it’s alarming to see how hard it is to convince some people to floss. I’m not a dentist or anything, but I honestly think that flossing protects the teeth better than brushing. It can clean out places between your teeth that your tooth brush and saliva cannot reach. And trust me, there are a lot of stuff in there that isn’t visible on the surface, but you will see it on your floss. It will surprise you how much your toothbrush is incapable of cleaning, and these are the areas that cause the main damage to your gums — not the plaques sticking to the outside of your teeth. Continue reading



This is her. Beautiful right?!

I was watching TLC’s (love that channel, by the way) What Not to Wear a few nights ago and it featured a 23 year old Asian girl called Beryl, with a career in design! It was ironic how the way she presented herself was not correlated with the creativity she puts in her work. I found her naturally very pretty.. She has nice facial features, had washed-out pink hair, a gorgeous smile… but boy, if anyone thought that I lacked style… she was a bit beyond me. She was black and white themed, with broken pants, baggy shirts and combat-looking boots; like she selected her clothes from the hobo’s trashcan. If I saw her on the streets, I would think she was the rebellious type who stirred up hell at home, then ran away and left with no money to maintain her image. But she turned out to be a really sweet, easy-going, beautiful girl. When she first appeared on screen, I laughed a little inside, but she did Continue reading

A New Beginning

Wow, this is my first entry on WordPress! I feel like I am finally joining the world of “real” bloggers. It was hard to abandon my beloved Xangian blog, because I started there and grew so attached to it. I mean, what better place to rant? It’s a place where it captured my voice from the past, it reminds me of how I dealt with struggles, and a clear image of how I’ve matured. I hear of many people leaving and then returning to Xanga, so maybe I might find myself going back. but hopefully not before I’m done around here. After all Continue reading

Closing Time

It saddens me to do this, but I finally decided to let go of Xanga… and continue blogging on WordPress. I have been extremely loyal and this has been a great source of outlet, but I think it’s time to upgrade and move on. Xanga is just falling behind every blogging site and I have some catching up to do. But who knows, I may be back someday again :)

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Peace out.