A New Beginning

Wow, this is my first entry on WordPress! I feel like I am finally joining the world of “real” bloggers. It was hard to abandon my beloved Xangian blog, because I started there and grew so attached to it. I mean, what better place to rant? It’s a place where it captured my voice from the past, it reminds me of how I dealt with struggles, and a clear image of how I’ve matured. I hear of many people leaving and then returning to Xanga, so maybe I might find myself going back. but hopefully not before I’m done around here. After all, the past is passed; I will let it be.

So as with all endings, there are new beginnings, and that is exactly where I find myself; not only with Xanga, but with my life. I’m still waiting impatiently for my Masters letter; it should be coming in the mail anytime now. I’m so anxious because there’s no guarantee that I will get accepted. I know I should have more self-confidence. Well I’m hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. The problem is, I don’t really have a back-up plan… so I’m spending my time making the most out of my interests and enjoying myself. I’m slowly learning about the world of WordPress and discovering what it has to offer. The world of blogging is just mind-blowing! I mean… forget about publishing books… just make a living by writing your opinions on the newest make-up products, food recipes, technologies or other cool gadgets. All companies are geared towards depending on some sort of social networking and that is what the future will hold. I’m not completely technology-knowing, it actually took me quite some time to learn how to navigate around WordPress. I think it will be healthy and advantageous for me to learn some computer science and play around. So if biology fails, well… I will have paved another way into the world.

I realize how totally inflexible I’ve am with my life. I try as much as possible to stay consistent and I always try to find the easy way out. In other words, I’m too lazy to turn the steering wheel and adapt. That’s something that I desperately need to change. Sometimes, you need to follow the herd, even if they’re climbing mountains, or else you will become a lost soul. And that’s what I’m set on doing! Catching up with the world, getting educated, updating myself, exploring what’s out there. WordPress is the first step to my new beginning :)


PS: a shout out to Anna!


3 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Welcome to WordPress, my dear! Don’t be afraid to try new things. You’d be amazed while discovering new things. Who knows? You might end up finding a TOTALLY different interest/passion? Keep knocking and the door will eventually open =)

  2. Props! I am glad that you are considering switching to my field. With your expertise with biology and my skills with computer, we can easily create some sort of a biological warfare and conquer the world! There is always other options in life. Do not worry my friend. By the way, you do have a backup plan. You just do not realize it yet.

  3. Hello dreamless, welcome to the world of WordPress, the future of blogging! Heck the future of EVERYTHING!!! NO backup plans??? NO problem! As long as you have interests and hobbies, plenty of options will come to you. Keep your head up and take one step of your life at a time and you should be fine. You will definitely have a bright future. I am looking forward to reading more about you ;). Keep those posts coming whether it’s cooking, technology, life confusion, drama, boring biology stuff haha jk. Anyways just flush em out here! Good luck for everything =)!

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