Everyone knows the dental routine: brush twice a day and floss once a day. As I’m sure we all brush our teeth, it’s alarming to see how hard it is to convince some people to floss. I’m not a dentist or anything, but I honestly think that flossing protects the teeth better than brushing. It can clean out places between your teeth that your tooth brush and saliva cannot reach. And trust me, there are a lot of stuff in there that isn’t visible on the surface, but you will see it on your floss. It will surprise you how much your toothbrush is incapable of cleaning, and these are the areas that cause the main damage to your gums — not the plaques sticking to the outside of your teeth.

I also use to overlook flossing, and I made excuses not to do it because I didn’t see the importance. It seemed too much of a minor thing to hassle over. But once I started for a week, and seeing what comes out even after brushing, it disgusted me. Every time I’m too lazy, I just have to think of all the junk still left in there in order to motivate myself. It was one of those things where once you start, you can’t stop and I don’t feel clean unless I floss. There are many things out there that I wish everyone would do, and flossing is definitely one of them. If I could, I would force the world to floss, for their own health. But people will find any means to avoid something ‘unnecessary’.

If you do decide to start (which is a very wise decision…), your gums may bleed when you first floss. That is an indication that your gums are swollen from bacteria. Naturally, healthy gums do not receive enough blood to bleed. They can withstand the harshest brushing and flossing techniques, even sharp dental instruments. Only infected gums will bleed because your body sends in more blood to fight off bacteria. You will see that after flossing a few more times, your gums return healthy, and it doesn’t hurt at all.

Also.. savez-vous que: If you get bitten by a dog, your wound would be stitched up, but  if you get bitten by a human (..or zombie), they don’t close it? There is just too much bacteria inside the human mouth that it would be too dangerous to close all that bacteria inside the body. So if your gums get infected and bleed, there’s a higher risk of having all that bacteria go inside your own blood stream.

There are just NO EXCUSES not to floss. If you think you have a good one, challenge me. If people make enough time for their personal hygiene, they can make time for floss. It is more beneficial and crucial than you and I know! I wish I could sound more convincing.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve used waxed/unwaxed and flavoured/unflavoured floss from different brands. Personally I do not like flavoured floss. I used different types of floss by the brand GUM because it looked promising, but none were that comfortable; they were all kind of rough. But the best one I found, and it is so soft, is from Life Brand… the brand that makes like everything else too. I use their “Tight Teeth, unflavoured” one. I think it’s a tape floss, and despite the thick-looking string, it goes between teeth really smoothly and it’s very gentle. Oral B also has something similar, but more expensive, I believe. I can’t find a picture of Life Brand online, but here’s the equivalent from Oral B:

Oral B tape floss

Anyway, just floss!!! It’s really basic hygiene… it’s probably the most important one! Subtle, but important.




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