My Life at the Lab

It’s been roughly a month since I started my Master’s in research at the Jewish General Hospital. I was not excited to continue my education. I just wanted to start working immediately and start saving some income. So I started to do my homework… and who would want to hire an undergraduate in sciences with a decent salary? Nobody. At least not in this recession. So this could be a test phase to discover my direction in life. Getting paid to earn a higher degree with experience? Why not? I might develop a passion. But I was nervous because despite going to work as a student, it’s a working environment nonetheless. And although 2 years is a short time frame, it can be very long when you’re stuck with unpleasant colleagues. So I was hoping for the best and anxious about who was going to train me because my degree depended on it. Continue reading “My Life at the Lab”


I Left My Heart in Cuba

I recently got back from my one-week trip in Cuba where we stayed at the Memories Azul Beach Resort in Santa Maria. I must admit that before going, I was a little bit concerned about what to expect. The only other communist-based country I have entered was China, which never made me feel too comfortable. And knowing Cuba’s hostility towards Amercians, they didn’t appear too welcoming. Aside from that, I was constantly warned to stay away from their tap water,because if God forbid I even had ice in my drinks, I would fall ill the entire week. I was also urged to bring some Chinese disinfectant due to some flesh-eating bacteria hidden in the sand. Hurricane Isaac was passing by so we weren’t sure about the weather. On top of that, we were only 4 girls in a stranger place. So the general rule was to never leave our drinks unattended, never wander off, and never speak to stalkers. But the moment we arrived, all my worries vanished. The weather was perfect and guess what? I had ice in all my drinks and nothing happened. Continue reading “I Left My Heart in Cuba”

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