My Life at the Lab

It’s been roughly a month since I started my Master’s in research at the Jewish General Hospital. I was not excited to continue my education. I just wanted to start working immediately and start saving some income. So I started to do my homework… and who would want to hire an undergraduate in sciences with a decent salary? Nobody. At least not in this recession. So this could be a test phase to discover my direction in life. Getting paid to earn a higher degree with experience? Why not? I might develop a passion. But I was nervous because despite going to work as a student, it’s a working environment nonetheless. And although 2 years is a short time frame, it can be very long when you’re stuck with unpleasant colleagues. So I was hoping for the best and anxious about who was going to train me because my degree depended on it.

Well this post is not to complain or rant, but to express my gratitude. Ever since I got into the lab, everyone has been very kind and approachable. They are always smiling, eager to share, and quick to help. Our lab consists of 14 people so far and everyone cooperates well with each other. My supervisor is a surgeon in oncology… WHAT?! Clearly, I did not do my background check properly. He is one of the most easy-going boss I will probably ever have. A lot of authority, yet completely not intimidating, and I feel privileged to be taken under his wing. And my mentor: a sweet lady who cares like a mother. She has so much passion for what she does, but she comes off with a goofy character and lots of laughter. I’ve made some mistakes already and she was very compassionate about it. It feels wonderful working with her and she is always reassuring. Frankly, I don’t think I could have chosen a better lab to work in. Every single person has helped me in some way when they really didn’t have to. Whether it be coming down 4 floors to open a door for me, lending me their computer to print, verifying my work, or just asking me to have lunch with them. The atmosphere of the building is new, fresh and bright, and the people here makes it comfortable to be in. I was worried at first to be doing long hours, but I don’t think I mind staying here well passed working hours. It’s like a second home already! :)

As for my project, it’s like my little piece of artwork and my little baby. I am shaping it slowly but surely, and I trust to be getting interesting conclusions. I’m excited to see where it will take me. All I know is I’m glad to be done with classes, classes and classes!

Anyways, I shouldn’t be writing this at work, but I did.
Peace out and endeavor.



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