1 Year and Counting…

I have officially been with the MAN for 1 year! In this very short time frame, it feels like a long time coming. Not to mention how many months dragged on before we confronted each other, haha! Well more seriously, we accomplished a lot and faster than we expected. Not to be all cheesy and such (maybe) but I think he is a special one and I want to highlight our memories and how much we grew and changed each other. I remember reading this quote many years ago, and at the time it didn’t strike me because I don’t like teenage-love quotes, and this sounds exactly like one. Yet as I got to know him, these words resurfaced and everything he does reminds me of it, which is comforting to me. I don’t always take what I read literally to heart, but this one must have some truth to it, right? Continue reading “1 Year and Counting…”


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