No Passions

I wrote a post many years ago on Xanga (how I miss it!) about wanting to have a passion. Fast forward a few years to the present, and here I am, still trying to find one. More and more people are using social medias to showcase their life and passion and for most, their topic of interest is very focused. There are people on YouTube who only talk about beauty, makeup and fashion. Others describe their DIY-crafts and ideas. There are food and cooking channels, pets, work-outs, songs, music, filming, books, magic, etc. You can find almost anything out there, but for each channel, it limits to one category. There is something very admirable about someone who is crazy and good at the one thing they love, and to be able to stick to it and teach the world. It only makes me ponder what it is that I truly love to do. If I had a YouTube channel, what would it be about? Many who know me, would know that I love everything, but of course, “loving everything” would also mean the same as “loving nothing”. In other words, loving nothing enough in particular to pursue it and to sacrifice all else. I enjoy trying new things, and each time I do, I hope that it enlightens me to what I want to give up and what I want to develop. Let me give some examples:

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