Don’t be Fooled by New Years


It’s New Years Eve! I’m sure many have already listed out their resolutions and self-promises to fulfill in 2015. I’m sure many are eager to wave the goodbye to 2014 and welcome the coming new year. I realize that people speak of “years” as if it is a “place”, like they are individual houses that we step in and out of. eg: 2008 was a bad year, let’s never go there again! or I can’t wait until 2014 is over so we can move on to 2015! When we enter the threshold of a “new house”, we welcome ourselves, and we get a false uplifting that this “place” is somehow different and better. But a year is merely a passage of time, and time cannot be categorized as houses we can move out of. The truth is, New Year’s day is just another tomorrow. Hoping for a better tomorrow is very misleading because tomorrow never comes. Continue reading


All You Need is Love – Quote Review 2

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As we are nearing Christmas day, I thought it would be appropriate to share a hopeful quote for the holidays. It’s that time again where love is in the air and we are reminded of our family, friends and our blessings. For a magical moment, we forget about all our hardships and everything feels perfect. For the rest of the year however, we’re less connected with what keeps us grounded and we tend to return to a more independent lifestyle. But it’s important to count our blessings and to remember that we own the greatest gift of all — that we are loved. Here is a quote by someone I have developed a deep respect for:

If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with. – Michael Jackson

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Be Careful with Your Words – Quote Review 1

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As I stated in my previous post about quotes, I will start reviewing some featured quotes in my room to share the enlightenment, instead of doing what I’ve been doing all these years – which was hiding them in my room. In person, I don’t usually share my thinking until prompted, and as a consequence, I notice that very few people actually know me. And because all my thoughts are kept as thoughts and never spoken, I confuse myself with who I am sometimes. This is why I blog; to turn my thoughts into something concrete for myself — and now for you as well. Let’s get into the first quote I chose: Continue reading

I’m Obsessed with Quotes

It’s no big secret that I am extremely fascinated with quotes and any little phrases that carry a load of inspiration. I believe words are powerful. They are life-changing and motivating, eye-opening and enlightening. Quite frankly, quotes have, overall, made me a much, much better person. But I’m not sure that many people know how my love for quotes have turned into a huge obsession — to the point where my room is out of control! I went through an insane phase where I actively sought out words of wisdom, and I didn’t want to forget a single one of them. So I decided to print them out and drown myself in them. I’m not even remotely exaggerating when I say that my room is literally surrounded by quotes. Take a peak inside! Continue reading