I’m Obsessed with Quotes

It’s no big secret that I am extremely fascinated with quotes and any little phrases that carry a load of inspiration. I believe words are powerful. They are life-changing and motivating, eye-opening and enlightening. Quite frankly, quotes have, overall, made me a much, much better person. But I’m not sure that many people know how my love for quotes have turned into a huge obsession — to the point where my room is out of control! I went through an insane phase where I actively sought out words of wisdom, and I didn’t want to forget a single one of them. So I decided to print them out and drown myself in them. I’m not even remotely exaggerating when I say that my room is literally surrounded by quotes. Take a peak inside!

Quotes 1

Yes, even the Michael Jackson poster has a quote on it. He was a philosophical man!

Quotes 2

Please excuse the silly puzzle figures… I had it in my room since birth :) And yes, I even have a roll of Chinese sayings.

Quotes 3

I admit it does look pretty ridiculous. Sometimes when I really take a step back and realize what I’ve done, I have to laugh. But my intention was to wake up with all these quotes and read them to myself everyday as a reminder to be a kinder, more generous and understanding person. I also have a lot of motivational quotes to encourage myself to never give up when hard times hit. My parents were planning to repaint our entire house a few years ago, and my first concern was that I had to take these all down. But I know that one day I will have to remove them when I move out. I’m still deciding if I should keep them. I was on the lookout for a nice journal to write them all down, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. If anyone knows of an appropriate journal or notebook with no lines, please inform me! I think I’m a quote hoarder! It’s difficult to let go. In the future, it would be an absolute dream to have a proper wall of quotes (but not this ghetto, of course).

I was thinking of sharing some of my favourite ones sometime on this blog, like a Quote Series. For instance, what the quote means to me and how it has influenced me. By doing so, I hope that they will inspire you the same way I was inspired :)


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