Don’t be Fooled by New Years


It’s New Years Eve! I’m sure many have already listed out their resolutions and self-promises to fulfill in 2015. I’m sure many are eager to wave the goodbye to 2014 and welcome the coming new year. I realize that people speak of “years” as if it is a “place”, like they are individual houses that we step in and out of. eg: 2008 was a bad year, let’s never go there again! or I can’t wait until 2014 is over so we can move on to 2015! When we enter the threshold of a “new house”, we welcome ourselves, and we get a false uplifting that this “place” is somehow different and better. But a year is merely a passage of time, and time cannot be categorized as houses we can move out of. The truth is, New Year’s day is just another tomorrow. Hoping for a better tomorrow is very misleading because tomorrow never comes. When “tomorrow” arrives, it becomes “today”. The same old “today”.  Nothing more and nothing less, unless we make an effort to make it something more. If we keep waiting to make changes “tomorrow”, it will never happen. If we keeping thinking “tomorrow” is a place where everything will be okay, it won’t be. Don’t wait for the passage of time to make changes; time is nothing but a constant. But we are free to make decisions for our own life and for our own thinking. We have to start embracing things today. Yes, even on New Years Eve, it is not too late! :)

As we “enter” the new year, remember this: 2015 will be the same as 2014 if we keep doing the same things, if we keep thinking the same way, with the same people. If you want changes, then something has to change. Don’t wait for a magical moment. All magical moments start with a personal decision to make things happen. If you want to eat healthier, if you want to be more educated, if you want to mend relationships, no matter what it is you wish for, it is your choice and your choice only. Don’t sit around thinking “tomorrow” will be different if you yourself is not different to begin with.

With that, I wish everyone a very good and happy New Year!


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