What is your Spiritual Practice?

I recently watched an interview on Oprah, and in the interview, she said that she often asks people, “what is your spiritual practice?. She describes that many times, the other person would get caught off guard and will maybe get a little defensive, saying, “well, I’m not religious or anything.” This is an interesting question because Oprah goes on to say that she didn’t ask them what their religion is. Spirituality is not necessarily related to religious practices. In modern definitions, it means the transformational process of oneself. We can think of this as self-growth, or aiming for meaningful experiences. In other words, Oprah simply meant “what do you do to take care of your body and your mind?It is vital to nurture your mind because it creates your character the essence of who you are. At the same time, nurture your body too because through it, you can do anything. Many people cannot relate to the concept of spiritual practices because they associate it to belonging to a religion. But if we think about it in more general terms, I think it is healthy for everyone to develop their own spiritual practice to maintain a balanced mindset and a strong body.

From my point of view, a spiritual practice is undertaking any activity that one can find meaning and bliss in. In our day-to-day lives, it is easy to get caught in a loop-hole of overwhelming routines and hectic schedules. If you fail to unwind your mind and your body, you can miss out on your own experiences of life. When times get really rough and frantic, taking time to calm the mind and body every day can go a long way. This can be done a variety ways and different things will work for different people. Some pray, some meditate, some exercise. The key is to find something meaningful to you, that when you’re in the process of doing it, you feel a sense of purpose and more fulfilled as a person. Is it music? It is laughing? Is it dancing? Is it cooking? It can be anything, and only you can tell. I believe that when we engage in meaningful activities and as we improve in it, it translates onto our personal being. We not only gain skills and knowledge, but we gain a better eye for appreciation, we live healthier, we are happier and we love stronger. Cultivate a spiritual practice for yourself. Make time to do things, big or small, to take care of your mental and physical state. You only have one chance on this Earth and this is it. The world is grande, mysterious and beautiful. It is for you to connect with and to grow in. Don’t go through it feeling unaccomplished in the end.


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