Time and Money | Quote Review


“The most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want, on the bet that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar

Time and money. Those definitely fall into a category of their own. No matter what, there’s always somehow a lack of time and money to do what we want. But maybe that isn’t the biggest problem. We have a funny perception of time and money. We convince ourselves that some time in the future well beyond our sight, we will be richer and better off. By that time, we can surely afford to buy time to finally get to do the things we choose to push off now. We might be right, but boy, that’s a huge bet we make. So we postpone and wait, and later becomes even later.

Every stage in life comes with its own list of cost and burdens that keep digging into our future freedom. We have to erase the mindset that our hard work throughout the years will eventually grant us free time. That time may never come for a variety of unexpected reasons. The way to break this cycle is to stop depending on that unknown moment. Actively manage your life to chase that split moment of freedom. Plan to make what is in your head a reality as soon as you can. Remember that month-long vacation you’ve been thinking of for the last 3 years? Remember that hobby you’ve been waiting to develop once you retire? Remember your promise to support a charity once you pay off your mortgage? Whatever matters the most to you, integrate it into your life right away. If you always eat what you dislike on the plate first to save the best for last, then you may find that life keeps serving you and replenishing what you dislike eating. But if you mix up the order, you will find that at every other bite, there is at least a moment you can truly savour. Balance your money and balance your time!


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