Having the Courage to Fail

I have a very big fear of embarrassment, rejection and failure. I hate losing and making a fool out of myself. Worst of all, I am extremely weary of what people may think of me. But I’m starting to see that we learn and grow not in succeeding or failing, but in the course of going through a process.

Too often I get intimated by the idea of losing and of coming up short, and I think a lot of people feel this way too because that’s what the focus is on. That’s what everybody notices and talks about. Success has become a primary motivating factor and failing has become a solid reason for not trying. I mean, if you knew you were going to fail before indulging in something, why even bother in the first place?

In a world of competition and opportunities, too often we shy away from the battle. I think this is one of my biggest set-backs as a person trying to advance myself. I’ve gotten into the mentality that if I were to compete as an underdog, I might as well not compete at all. But being the losing underdog who puts up a good fight and takes the beating, is far more respectable than one who backs out and never tries. Continue reading “Having the Courage to Fail”


My Top 3 Animated Movies | Disney Pixar, Dreamworks

I’ve been in a particular mood for animated films lately and I’m been contemplating on all the ones I’ve watched. I was inspired after watching one of Wong Fu’s Lunch Break episodes where they listed their top 3 Pixar movies. Pixar and Disney is great, but I think Dreamworks is also equally up to par. I’m starting to believe that animated films are my favourite type of movies.  They have an infinite room for creativity, permitting them to speak to their audience in any way possible. Although cute and funny, they are incredibly touching because of how much we find ourselves relating to the characters. I’ve picked my top 3 animated films. It was a difficult choice and I’ve left some really good ones out, but I think these have left a lasting impression. If you haven’t seen these, you have to see them! It won’t disappoint. Here’s why: Continue reading “My Top 3 Animated Movies | Disney Pixar, Dreamworks”

5 Ways to Handle Anger

Keeping to the topic of emotions, anger is a perfectly normal feeling, yet it’s arguably the most important to manage. Anger has a very strong ripple effect which escalates quickly and subsides slowly. Contrary to sadness, which can be deeply hidden for a long time, anger is a very difficult emotion to contain within. Once faced with it, we have an immediate desire to make it known by directing this energy at something or someone. It is highly contagious and destructive not only to our mind, soul and intellect, but it can easily jeopardize our relationship with others. Our temperament is largely due to our given personalities, beyond our control, but the good news is that we are not made of stone. Our brains have a fascinating ability to adapt and mature through repetition and practice. In other words, we can train ourselves to boost our tolerance and adopt a more laid back character. I am not immune to feeling agitated myself, but here are some ways I use to keep myself more composed. Continue reading “5 Ways to Handle Anger”

Inside Out | What I learned from a Pixar Movie

Inside Out has been one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. I’ve been impatiently waiting to watch this film to get a good laugh, but it seems that I never learn – Pixar is best at telling stories in ways that really hit home, leaving its audience with a mixture of warmth and melancholy. I’m an emotional person, and I should have known that watching a Pixar movie precisely about emotions would require a lot of kleenex. I went from laughing hysterically one moment, to practically sobbing the next. It seems like a perfectly innocent film at the surface, but on a deeper level, everyone can see a part of themselves in it. I think that’s the beauty of Pixar. It’s just so cute yet so damn profound.

Continue reading “Inside Out | What I learned from a Pixar Movie”

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