Inside Out | What I learned from a Pixar Movie

Inside Out has been one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. I’ve been impatiently waiting to watch this film to get a good laugh, but it seems that I never learn – Pixar is best at telling stories in ways that really hit home, leaving its audience with a mixture of warmth and melancholy. I’m an emotional person, and I should have known that watching a Pixar movie precisely about emotions would require a lot of kleenex. I went from laughing hysterically one moment, to practically sobbing the next. It seems like a perfectly innocent film at the surface, but on a deeper level, everyone can see a part of themselves in it. I think that’s the beauty of Pixar. It’s just so cute yet so damn profound.

The two biggest emotions I relate with is Joy and Sadness, which is also the focus of the movie. Throughout the film, Joy is actively trying to keep Sadness away from Riley’s emotions, afraid it will tint her treasured memories with sadness. As Riley goes through a series of difficult events in her life, sadness becomes increasingly tempted to tap in. The biggest struggle and build-up in the movie is Joy desperately suppressing Sadness from emerging into Riley’s emotions, causing Anger to dominantly take control, and consequently making irrational decisions.

As much as I try to be positive and joyful in my life, I’ve also learned that there are times that I must welcome sadness inside to release all the bottled-up cocktail of emotions, especially in moments when I need to fall to the ground. I cry a lot, as shameful as it is, but I find it is the best, and possibly the only effective way for me to flush out all my pain, anger and discouragements. After a good session of tear shedding, I gather myself and face the world with my head held high, much stronger, braver and wiser. Afterall, the worst is over. Ultimately,  Inside Out has reaffirmed that it’s okay to feel sad about happy memories, and its in these times of sadness and nostalgia that we can learn what is truly dear to us and to learn how to grow as human beings. It is also in sad times where we feel comfort at its greatest from the people around us, and it is in these experiences of bittersweets that is what strengthens our core. The unfortunate (or fortunate) truth is that sadness and happiness cannot exist on its own. You won’t really know happiness until you’ve experienced sadness, and vice versa. One would be meaningless without the other.

Let me share with you a quote that this movie has perfectly illustrated:

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.


6 thoughts on “Inside Out | What I learned from a Pixar Movie

  1. I love reading ur critics :). Can u write a review on Magic Mike XXL? I heard it left everyone screaming for more. Im not sure if its worth it but maybe u can change my mind :)


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