Don’t Waste Your Life Waiting for the Weekend


Today is hump day (Wednesday). It’s one of those days that don’t exactly excite anyone, but it’s the “after hump day” that everyone looks forward to. Why? Because we passed the middle of the week. We managed to trudge up that glorious hill that is Monday and Tuesday, and on the other side is a direct downhill roll to Friday. Alas, the weekend!

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. The weekday is a straight 5-day in a row of inescapable boredom and stress, whereas the weekend is freedom. It’s where we reserve all our plans, it’s when we feel alive. But if you stop and think of the real implications of all this, it’s very dangerous and scary. The weekend is only composed of 2/5 days in a week. That’s 40%. Meaning for the remaining 60%, we spend by dreading it, by wishing it away, by programming ourselves to not enjoy it. That translates to 60% of our life! What a massive loss.

It would be a shame to one day look back and realize that week after week, we have been living 5 days straight as a zombie, as a victim to our routines. That for the majority of our lives, we deliberately handicap ourselves until the weekend arrives. Don’t waste your life away waiting for the weekend. Have something everyday to look forward to. Accomplish something everyday, no matter how big or small. Master your own schedule and take control. Let’s make it a habit to make the most out of a “random” day of the week. Because they’re not random days at all. They’re a day in a life, and each day contributes to your story, however you want to write it.


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