Tampa and Orlando

Tampa, Florida

Highlight 1: Re-uniting with a good friend and my godson and their family, and seeing their lovely home and neighborhood.

Highlight 2: Beautiful water-side views.



Highlight 3: Sunburns and aloe vera.

Highlight 4: Games night-in. NBA finals (disappointing) with beer and delicious pizza.

Orlando, Florida:

Highlight 1: Universal Studios Hollywood and Islands of Adventure


Highlight 3: Fascinated by the Harry Potter World



Highlight 4: Trying Butterbeer


Highlight 5: Getting soaked again and again and again.

Highlight 6: Freaking out for this ride, and then going back for more!


Highlight 7: I-4 car accident to wrap up the week.

Highlight 8: Being bribed with a 75$ VISA to buy a timeshare, in which we used for Go-Kart and food.

Highlight 9: Mini Putt.




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