The Little Things are Big Things

A few months ago, I was following a link online that was raising money for childhood cancers. In the description, millions of dollars were already raised in a matter of weeks, surpassing the end goal by far. I had a moment of hesitation, whether or not I should donate. They already raised more than they had set out to raise. And what contribution would my $20, or even $100, be in the mist of the multi-million dollar sum?

Like a drop in the ocean.

But every time I go back to it, the amount kept growing and growing. Finally, I clicked on the list of donors, and much to my surprise, the majority of the donations were $5, $10, and any amounts greater than $20 were very sparse. It was then that I was convinced that every small amount was a huge contribution in itself. I mean, I’ve heard it before, but it was in that moment when I finally got it. We are so powerful in numbers when we choose to come together.

In the end, I made a humble donation, but it felt so important.

Thanks to this event, I’m reminded again that all little things in life add up to the big things, and that anything big would have never manifested without their single, small units.

A million dollars is made up of single pennies. A lifetime is made up of every passing second. A nation is made up of individual people.

Everything we are, and everything we see and touch are essentially made of sub-atomic particles that come together to create something so perfect. And those same particles, the tinniest thing we could possibly imagine, make up the entire universe, a space so large, we can’t even wrap our heads around it. Everything so seemingly insignificant alone, turns into something so significant in mass.

I’m in complete awe of this world.

Don’t disregard the little things. Especially in your relationships. Don’t take for granted the moments that are too small to notice, such as daily routines that you’ve become so comfortable with: having dinner together, watching a TV show together, everyday conversations. Sure, you may find big events and surprises the most memorable, but it’s the every little moment that creates the relationship, becomes the relationship and sustains the relationship. In the end, when it’s all said and done, what we will find ourselves missing the most is sharing time with someone.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – Robert Brault



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