Taking Control of Your Mind


This year, I want to put extra focus on growing inwards and on a deeper level. I’ve been wondering how to become the best version of myself. I think throughout my life, as I experience things and absorb the world, I’ve met many versions of “me”. Some that I’m more proud of than others. But I want to know how to reach the best possible version ever, and what she is like.

I’ve slowly come to discover that the person I want to be doesn’t exist yet. And she will never exist until I actually make it happen and become “her”. The beauty in it all is that it’s entirely up to me, here and now, to choose my attributes.

So how do we become the change? Yes, it all starts with our mind.

There’s a dangerous misconception that who we are determines our mindset, when in reality, it is actually our mindset that determines who we are. Too often, I see people settling with being someone they’re not proud of, or letting their emotions drive their behavior, and then justifying their actions by thinking “that’s just the way I am”.  Quite the contrary, our brains are the most powerful tool to help us achieve anything, and we have full. control. over. it.

You see, your mind is your reality; the more you think a certain way, the more it becomes the truth. Your truth. Our thoughts will always get the better of us, be it in a good or bad way. If you believe you can succeed, then you probably will. If you don’t, then you probably won’t. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to control your emotions, and discipline your mind. Heard that one before? Yes, it’s a quote from Harry Potter ;)

Take control of your emotion or else it will control you. Discipline your mind to align your thoughts with your values, or with the traits you admire.

When you catch yourself with a negative or harmful thought, maybe it’s judgement, or anger, learn to control it. Practice at elevating your tolerance, your patience, your perseverance. Discover who you can be.

Your mind is the foundation to everything in your life. If you can build it strong and unshakable, it will take you through anything.


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