About Me

Bonjour! I’m Regi, and I live in Montreal, Canada.

Regi - Glasses

Most people know me as the quiet, shy and calm girl. I guess that’s true, but underneath the surface, I’m constantly analyzing my surroundings and trying to make sense of the world. This is simply a page to help me dispose of all the thoughts that keep me up at night. Sometimes they’re rants, sometimes they’re ambiguous, but I try to be more and more light in tone. Hopefully, this blog won’t be as depressing as some describe me to be. I am a cheerful person, I promise you that! I wish blogging will help me grow as a thinker and to inspire myself to be a better person, in every aspect. This blog will become my personal database of thoughts, capturing my entire maturity process and all the experiences in my life. For now, I write for myself, but I hope one day I can also enlighten others in some way.

If you must know a little something about me, I try to be well-rounded, although not particularly outstanding in anything. I have a background in cell biology, but I love learning other topics. On the side, I love arts, music and literature, from piano to drawing, to reading, to photography. I am very much intrigued by quotes. I love traveling more than anything I do. I enjoy playing sports, mostly basketball. I appreciate my family and I put them above all else. I love hanging out with the guys, and I tend to choose my girl-friends carefully.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and my rambling :)

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave your comments.




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