7 Years Later and Ready to Talk About it

This is probably the most personal post I’ve ever written yet, but I wanted to be more vulnerable and opened this year (and also to get this off my chest), so here goes nothing.

This month marks the 7th year since the passing of my grandpa. It amazes me how fast time seems to past when you miss someone. 7 long years – long, because that’s a really long time to have last seen him. But at the same time, 7 short years – short, because it still feels like yesterday. Will it ever not feel like just yesterday?


I made him this drawing, dated 2011. Continue reading “7 Years Later and Ready to Talk About it”

We’re Engaged!

It’s not official until it’s on social media, so yes, I’m breaking the news via my blog –  we’re engaged!

The past 5 years have been a roller coaster ride with its fair share of highs and lows, but here we are now, exactly where we want to be. Continue reading “We’re Engaged!”

1 Year and Counting…

I have officially been with the MAN for 1 year! In this very short time frame, it feels like a long time coming. Not to mention how many months dragged on before we confronted each other, haha! Well more seriously, we accomplished a lot and faster than we expected. Not to be all cheesy and such (maybe) but I think he is a special one and I want to highlight our memories and how much we grew and changed each other. I remember reading this quote many years ago, and at the time it didn’t strike me because I don’t like teenage-love quotes, and this sounds exactly like one. Yet as I got to know him, these words resurfaced and everything he does reminds me of it, which is comforting to me. I don’t always take what I read literally to heart, but this one must have some truth to it, right? Continue reading “1 Year and Counting…”

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