Taking Control of Your Mind


This year, I want to put extra focus on growing inwards and on a deeper level. I’ve been wondering how to become the best version of myself. I think throughout my life, as I experience things and absorb the world, I’ve met many versions of “me”. Some that I’m more proud of than others. But I want to know how to reach the best possible version ever, and what she is like.

I’ve slowly come to discover that the person I want to be doesn’t exist yet. And she will never exist until I actually make it happen and become “her”. The beauty in it all is that it’s entirely up to me, here and now, to choose my attributes.

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Inside Out | What I learned from a Pixar Movie

Inside Out has been one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. I’ve been impatiently waiting to watch this film to get a good laugh, but it seems that I never learn – Pixar is best at telling stories in ways that really hit home, leaving its audience with a mixture of warmth and melancholy. I’m an emotional person, and I should have known that watching a Pixar movie precisely about emotions would require a lot of kleenex. I went from laughing hysterically one moment, to practically sobbing the next. It seems like a perfectly innocent film at the surface, but on a deeper level, everyone can see a part of themselves in it. I think that’s the beauty of Pixar. It’s just so cute yet so damn profound.

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