Taking Control of Your Mind


This year, I want to put extra focus on growing inwards and on a deeper level. I’ve been wondering how to become the best version of myself. I think throughout my life, as I experience things and absorb the world, I’ve met many versions of “me”. Some that I’m more proud of than others. But I want to know how to reach the best possible version ever, and what she is like.

I’ve slowly come to discover that the person I want to be doesn’t exist yet. And she will never exist until I actually make it happen and become “her”. The beauty in it all is that it’s entirely up to me, here and now, to choose my attributes.

So how do we become the change? Yes, it all starts with our mind. Continue reading


What is your Spiritual Practice?

I recently watched an interview on Oprah, and in the interview, she said that she often asks people, “what is your spiritual practice?. She describes that many times, the other person would get caught off guard and will maybe get a little defensive, saying, “well, I’m not religious or anything.” This is an interesting question because Oprah goes on to say that she didn’t ask them what their¬†religion is.¬†Spirituality is not necessarily related to religious practices. In modern definitions, it means the transformational process of oneself. We can think of this as self-growth, or aiming for meaningful experiences. In other words, Oprah simply meant “what do you do to take care of your body and your mind?Continue reading