Don’t Waste Your Life Waiting for the Weekend


Today is hump day (Wednesday). It’s one of those days that don’t exactly excite anyone, but it’s the “after hump day” that everyone looks forward to. Why? Because we passed the middle of the week. We managed to trudge up that glorious hill that is Monday and Tuesday, and on the other side is a direct downhill roll to Friday. Alas, the weekend! Continue reading


Bullying | From a Bully’s Perspective

Bullying is a topic that is increasingly a concern to the public. Many are beginning to step forward to tell their stories, and we can see celebrities taking a firm stance against it too. All in all, we are seeing a pool of victims emerging with current and past experiences. We see a population still trying to cope with the hurt and we have an air lingering with trauma. So many victims are coming forth, but I’m starting to wonder what the bullies have to the say for themselves? Where are they, who were they, and why are they not speaking up? You will commonly hear people saying, “I used to be bullied”, but you will almost never hear people say, “I was a bully”. Well, here I am and truth be told: I was a big, fat bully, and I always will admit it (wait! let me explain! please don’t kill me yet!). Continue reading

5 Ways to Handle Stress

For those who don’t know, I am back into a full course load. Even though I haven’t ever stopped being a full-time student, the 2 years MSc. experience was really more like a job than actually taking courses. Well, now that I’m back in full swing, let me tell you, it feels a little weird, but at the same time, very refreshing and enlightening. But, as we’ve all gone through it, when exams are around the corner, we all wish we could just fast forward and get it over with. Needless to say, it’s nearing the end of November and I’m finding myself in that deja vu again. The stress that comes with work-overload is inevitable. I’ve been doing nothing else than school work this whole month! Getting projects done, assignments done, trying to keep up with classes, editing my thesis on the side… etc etc. So writing this blog right now is actually quite therapeutic to me, and a way for me to get motivated for the final stretch.  Continue reading