Sleep Walker

Sleeping is a very interesting phenomena that refreshes the mind and feels so freaking good. It re-energizes by putting us into a state of reversible unconsciousness and muscle paralysis. But while we are resting peacefully, our brain is most active at this time. The only part that shuts off is the logic center. It’s no wonder we dream of things that make no sense — our brain is firing off like mad with no reasoning filter. We can all relate to this. However, there is a sub population that are, or have been, sleepwalkers, and yes, I was one of them. I think this happens because the motor muscles fail to shut off. So the envisioning in the brain is translated directly into body movement. Many kids who sleepwalk grow out of it because their brain eventually learns how to properly paralyze the muscles. Fortunately, I grew out of mine a long time ago. Continue reading “Sleep Walker”


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