Tampa and Orlando

Tampa, Florida

Highlight 1: Re-uniting with a good friend and my godson and their family, and seeing their lovely home and neighborhood.

Highlight 2: Beautiful water-side views.



Highlight 3: Sunburns and aloe vera.

Highlight 4: Games night-in. NBA finals (disappointing) with beer and delicious pizza.

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India – Part 2


The bride and groom were so generous and thoughtful to send us on a trip before we head back to America. After spending 5 days in Cochin, we took a flight to Goa, where we stayed at the beautiful Vivanta by Taj Resort.¬†We were traveling along with two of the groom’s friends, whom were quite a bit older than us. We weren’t sure how things would turn out; if we would get along, if we would even stick together or chat. We arrived at Goa at midnight and by the time we got settled in the resort, it was nearly 2 AM. The place was dark and quiet, but the rooms were gorgeous! It was like a sudden 5 star upgrade from where we were sleeping the previous night in Cochin. The room was bright, air-conditioned, modern, and most importantly, we had a gorgeous bathroom with an actual shower! The time spent in Cochin was great, but we were always on our feet here and there. Now, we could finally relax and have peace, without the disturbances of a city. Continue reading

India – Part 1


I haven’t had the chance to write about my India experience! 4 months have already gone by since I came back, and yet I still frequently think about this amazing trip. The first time I had an idea that I might be traveling was when one of my inmates (fellow prisoner from work) got engaged (J and GM). She’s a special friend and both her and GM are simply incredible people. I felt, and still feel very honored to be invited to witness such a wonderful event. An Indian wedding — in India! It doesn’t get more real than that! We had a lot of preparations to do for this trip: VISA, vaccinations, medications, gathering all the plane tickets. Thankfully, J and GM planned it all out for us and reassured us that it was all under control. How did they manage to plan our trip along with hundred of other guests and with wedding preparations?! They are superheroes. I could say tons about this trip, but I will keep it as short as possible…

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I Left My Heart in Cuba

I recently got back from my one-week trip in Cuba where we stayed at the Memories Azul Beach Resort in Santa Maria. I must admit that before going, I was a little bit concerned about what to expect. The only other communist-based country I have entered was China, which never made me feel too comfortable. And knowing Cuba’s hostility towards Amercians, they didn’t appear too welcoming. Aside from that, I was constantly warned to stay away from their tap water,because if God forbid I even had ice in my drinks, I would fall ill the entire week. I was also urged to bring some Chinese disinfectant due to some flesh-eating bacteria hidden in the sand. Hurricane Isaac was passing by so we weren’t sure about the weather. On top of that, we were only 4 girls in a stranger place. So the general rule was to never leave our drinks unattended, never wander off, and never speak to stalkers. But the moment we arrived, all my worries vanished. The weather was perfect and guess what? I had ice in all my drinks and nothing happened. Continue reading